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Show Synopsis
Our audience will experience Motorcycle Archaeology families knowledge of antique and vintage motorcycles while enjoying the groups on the road high jinx.
Watch as R.C., Beth, Ray and Randy build antique and vintage motorcycle parts with a historical twist embracing the hands-on manufacturing reminiscing a time gone by.
Motorcycle restorers compare the groups compassion for building parts with and eye for quality and accuracy that hasn't been seen for some seventy years or so, in an era when the customers satisfaction and parts quality was essential to the success of a motorcycle company, from the time period of the turn of the century all the way up to the late fifties remove from today's cookie cutter manufacturing practices.
R.C. and his family make all the parts by hand, over eight hundred and fifty items.
Motorcycle archaeology make parts to fit Harley motorcycles, Indian, Henderson, Excelsior, Cleveland , Ace, Hendee and other American made motorcycles of the period of 1901 to 1966.

That is just the beginning of the story.

Motorcycle Archaeology has over 130 antique and vintage motorcycle related websites, clubs,forums and stores with over ten years of relevancy online.
The customer makes a call or places an online purchase with motorcycle archaeology for a specific part and Motorcycle Archaeology has a small window of time to manufacture the item and get it out to the customer.
R.C. or one of the family members whom ever has the knowledge to make the newly ordered part, will start building it at once.
Once the part or parts have been finished and ready for delivery a couple of the Motorcycle Archaeology family members reedy the vehicle, load up the part or parts and head out on a road trip, personally delivering the part or parts to the customer.
On the road the Motorcycle Archaeology gang will stop, when ever they get the chance to view or purchase and old motorcycle or old motorcycle parts or memorabilia which also makes and interesting piece for the show.
When R.C. or one of the LaBee boys pull up to the customers house or place of business, the customer usually is in shock after the knock on the door to find the group from Motorcycle Archaeology standing outside with the parts order in hand and the camera rolling.
Motorcycle Archaeology begins with an interview from the customer and finds out about their passion and enthusiasm with their motorcycle project, while the group reviews and shares historical information with the customer specific motorcycle project, they share there thoughts have a few laughs, and before they leave, just enjoying spinning a few yarns or shooting the breeze.
The audience will get a history lesson of the oh so many varieties of American made motorcycles built from 1901 all the way up to 1966 and they also will be enlighten and surprised by the techniques and skill Motorcycle Archaeology uses to build parts for early motorcycles.
The show will be interlaced with Motorcycle Archaeology website, so the audience can interact with R.C. and the motorcycle Archaeology family,
The audience can make suggestions, and share there stories as well via skyp or other online live communications on the show.
If you have a antique or vintage motorcycle and need a part or parts, give Motorcycle Archaeology a call and they will build it, deliver it and get your story.



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Do you have an antique or vintage motorcycle and
would like an interview with one of the
gang from Motorcycle Archaeology using skype
video/audio technology, give it a try.
You need to have a webcam and microphone
attached to your computer.
Email us for details and we can walk you though
the process.
We will review all interviews before any are aired

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need a part? contact us at motorcycle archaeology.com


motorcycle archaeology



..Motorcycle Archaeology Family  antique and vintage motorcycles .. Motorcycle Archaeology Family  antique and vintage motorcycles


Motorcycle Archaeology Family  antique and vintage motorcycles ...Motorcycle Archaeology Family  antique and vintage motorcycles


Motorcycle Archaeology Family  antique and vintage motorcycles

Antique and Vintage Motorcycle reality show, Motorcycle Archaeology



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motorcycle archaeology does not mail. we deliver and get the story.

R.C. has sold parts, consulted bike building celebrities on popular television programs, museums, clubs and collectors of Antique and Vintage Motorcycles worldwide.
Read more, Click here.Read more about the Motorcycle Archaeology Family




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